[phenixbb] confusing instruction for autoMR

Maia Cherney chern at ualberta.ca
Fri Sep 11 10:17:30 PDT 2009

This is the example from the website:

Run AutoMR using coords.pdb as search model, native.sca as data, assume 
RMS between coords.pdb and true model is about 0.85 A, the sequence of 
true model is seq.dat and there is 1 copy in the unit cell:

phenix.automr coords.pdb native.sca RMS=0.85 seq.dat copies=1  \
    n_cycle_rebuild_max=2 n_cycle_build_max=2

1. 1 copy of what: model.pdb or seq.dat? Model.pdb could be a dimer and 
seq.dat a monomer.

2. 1 copy in the unit cell. Is it really in the unit cell? Usually we 
use number of copies in the asymmetric unit.


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