[phenixbb] Phenix crashes

r n ramme29 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 10 09:28:24 PDT 2009

Hi all

I am trying to use phenix.automr to search for two component.

Tried command line...

phenix.automr data=out.sca ensemble_1.coords=a1.pdb   \
ensemble_1.RMS=0.65 ensemble_1_copies_to_find=5  componenet_1_mass=25000   \
component_1.component_copies=5  ensemble_2.coords=a2.pdb   \
ensemble_2.RMS=0.60 ensemble_2.copies_to_find=5  componenet_2_mass=20000   \

Following errors

phenix-installer-1.4-147/phenix-1.4-147/phenix/phenix/command_line/automr.py", line 483, in <module>
phenix-installer-1.4-147/phenix-1.4-147/phenix/phenix/autosol/wizard_command_line.py", line 1237, in Sorry
    raise AssertionError,e
AssertionError: Sorry, unknown file or keyword: ensemble_1.coords=a1.pdb

Not sure , What is wrong in my command? 

Also try to use the Gui, but in automr gui only seen option for data file , not for model? May I am
missing something?


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