[phenixbb] Phaser and anisotropy question

Peter Grey petgxray at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 04:58:18 PDT 2009

Dear Phenix users,

I have a very anisotropic data as phaser reports anisotropic deltaB = 60.2.
I would be grateful for advice of several issues.
1.Could you please tell me if phaser map coefficients FWT,PHWT take into
account the anisotropic scaling ?
2.This means that these coefficients will be different from those calculated
from a partial model in sigmaa because sigmaa has no anisotropic scaling
(and no bulk solvent correction) ?
3.In the case of such severe anisotropy can the scaling diminish too
strongly the well measured high resolution reflections ? If so should I
calculate the coefficients my self by sigmaa and not use pahser mtz output
or is there a better solution ?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and experience,

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