[phenixbb] question about pick water in autobuild

crystallogrphy qunwan1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 07:38:57 PDT 2009

I am building a model against a 2.1A data set using phenix.autobuild. Right
now Rfree is about 35%. I do not want to pick water in this stage because I
see denisty at N-terminal of my model which need to build more residues.
However, the program still picks water even after I say
'place_waters=False'. Does anyone know why?

phenix.autobuild data=exptl_fobs_phases_freeR_flags.mtz
model=AutoBuild_run_4_/overall_best-090905a.pdb seq_file=../ztb-sd.seq
refinement.place_waters=False refinement.refine_with_ncs=True nproc=2
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