[phenixbb] external program interference : libwx_gtk2ud-2.8.so.0 not found on ubuntu 64 bit

Nathaniel Echols NEchols at lbl.gov
Tue Oct 27 15:10:01 PDT 2009

On Oct 27, 2009, at 12:54 PM, hari jayaram wrote:
> I get the same error
> libwx_gtk2ud-2.8.so.0 not found
> Also as I mentionned. When I do set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. That *.so
> file is very well in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
> So I dont know why phenix or wx does not find it.

I think I didn't read the original message closely enough - sorry.   
The answer was in the traceback:

  File "/usr/local/phenix-1.5-2/phenix/wxGUI2/__init__.py", line 109,
in <module>
    import wx
  File "/rawdata12/wx-widgets-read-only/wxPython/wx/__init__.py", line
45, in <module>
    from wx._core import *
  File "/rawdata12/wx-widgets-read-only/wxPython/wx/_core.py", line 4,
in <module>
    import _core_
ImportError: libwx_gtk2ud-2.8.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No
such file or directory

In fact, the problem is actually with the Python import paths, because  
it is importing the wxPython module you have installed locally, rather  
than the one in Phenix (which will be in $PHENIX/build/$PHENIX_MTYPE/ 
base/lib/python2.6/site-packages).  This could be caused by setting  
PYTHONPATH, although I thought we were already doing the right things  
to avoid conflicts from this.  Could you please send me the output  
from the following command?

phenix.wxpython -c "import sys; print sys.path"

Nathaniel Echols
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
NEchols at lbl.gov

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