[phenixbb] Converting .mtz to xplor or having phenix output to xplor file

Sue Roberts suer at email.arizona.edu
Tue Oct 27 14:43:09 PDT 2009

Hi Sam

You can use ccp4 maps in pymol if they have the extension .ccp4  
(map.ccp4).  You can generate these maps from mtz files using ccp4i  
(map and mask utilities, create maps).  Output the map in ccp4 format  
to cover your pdb file.  You might have to rename the output file.


On Oct 27, 2009, at 2:28 PM, Sam Stampfer wrote:

> Hi,
> This isn't exactly phenix-related but someone might know an easy  
> solution.  I'm trying to open an electron density map in pymol.  It  
> won't open .mtz files and the .xplor files I generated from ccp4i  
> don't seem to work either.  I need to have my density as a .xplor  
> file in order for pymol to open it (I think).  How would I generate  
> a .xplor file from .mtz?  Or, alternately, how can I set phenix to  
> output a .xplor file?  I've had it output to a cns file instead  
> of .mtz but that didn't help me get it in .xplor format.
> Thanks!
> -Sam
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