[phenixbb] Converting .mtz to xplor or having phenix output to xplor file

Sam Stampfer Samuel.Stampfer at tufts.edu
Tue Oct 27 14:28:55 PDT 2009


This isn't exactly phenix-related but someone might know an easy solution.
I'm trying to open an electron density map in pymol.  It won't open .mtz
files and the .xplor files I generated from ccp4i don't seem to work
either.  I need to have my density as a .xplor file in order for pymol to
open it (I think).  How would I generate a .xplor file from .mtz?  Or,
alternately, how can I set phenix to output a .xplor file?  I've had it
output to a cns file instead of .mtz but that didn't help me get it in
.xplor format.

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