[phenixbb] low resolution refinement question

Peter Grey petgxray at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 13:12:51 PDT 2009

Dear Phenix users,

I refine a large complex  with three monomers in ASU at very low resolution
- 4.5A - and would like to ask two questions.
- Could you give  some tips about refinement at this resolution other than
rigid body refinement - Can TLS and grouped B-factors work at this poor
resolution ?
- I would really prefer that rigid body refinement will strictly obey the
NCS that was found in the molecular replacement solution. I understand
constrained NCS does not exist yet in phenix but is there something
approximate that can be used in rigid body refinement ? I tried the
conventional restrained NCS and the result was just like without restrains.

Thank you for your time ,

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