[phenixbb] PHENIX 1.5 and exploding residues

Schubert, Carsten [PRDUS] CSCHUBER at its.jnj.com
Tue Oct 6 04:50:59 PDT 2009


are things exploding right out of phenix when viewed in another program
or when you do a real-space refinement in let's say coot? A likely
culprit is probably a  mismatch between the monomer definitions and your
atom names. Try to narrow it down to the residues/ligands which are
exploding, some of them looked OK in your picture, may be you have a
non-standard aminoacid present? Then check the atom names and residue
names against the monomer definitions. The monomer file location can be
queried with phenix.where_mon_lib_list_cif. 



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> Dear all,
> I am currently refining a structure using PHENIX 1.5-3 and have
> encountered some problems with "exploding residues".
> I have attached a image (small PNG file) highlighting the problem.
> Has anyone had a similar experience?  Or know the solution to the
> problem? Change weighting in favour of geometry ?
> Many thanks,
> Tony Oliver
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