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Engin Ozkan eozkan at stanford.edu
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Dear Jose and Tirumala,

If you read inside the file this command shows you: 
phenix.where_mon_lib_list_cif, you can see

BETA1-4  .        DEL-HO4  pyranose .        DEL-O1   pyranose

which will tell you that in the BETA1-4 link description, the first 
residue selection has the pyranose that loses its HO4 hydrogen, and the 
second residue selection has the pyranose that loses the O1 oxygen.

  BETA1-4  1 O4      2 C1        single       1.439    0.020

Also here, you can see that the first residue has the O4, and the second 
has C1 that are making the beta 1-4 linkage. Or at least I find it out 
that way. You may need further linkages and correct N-linked sugar names 
that phenix provides cif files for (such as L-fucose and D-mannose, 
which is apparently commonly misnamed in the pdb).


On 10/1/09 4:04 AM, Jose M Casasnovas wrote:
> Dear Ralf.
> I just solved the problem with the sugar refinement. Somehow the way 
> the BETA1-4 cif defines the link is in the reverse order to the 
> NAG-ASN cif link (at least to way I was used to do it).
> In the NAG-ASN cif, residue_selection_1 in the phenix.refine input 
> must be the NAG and residue_selection_2 the ASN, such as I was used to 
> do in CNS.
> However, the BETA1-4 cifs follows the opposite way: 
> residue_selection_1 must be the first sugar residue (linked through 
> O4) and residue_selection_2 the second sugar (linked through the C1), 
> which is the most distant residue to the Asn.
> Thanks so much for your help and to all who sent comments and suggestions.
> Jose M Casasnovas
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