[phenixbb] Re : Re: Does PHENIX exclude Rfree reflections in maps?

Alexandre OURJOUMTSEV sacha at igbmc.fr
Thu Oct 1 00:56:09 PDT 2009

Hi, Tom, Pavel and Joe,

> I'm glad you put that option in, Pavel.  However for model-
> building it is not so straightforward. Normally we are building into density-modified
> maps. Density modification works poorly when a significant set of
> reflections is excluded, so this becomes impractical.

AsI remember it was a paper (by Blanc, ..., Bricogne ? am I wrong?Ifailed to find it right now) where they faced exactly thisproblem.Again, as I remember they suggested to exclude the test-setreflectionsfrom the map calculation but , to minimize the mapdeformation, insteadof them include average Fobs for the correspondingresolution shell.

Is it a way to answer the original question / problem ?

As I understand, a similar technique Pavel already uses to calculate the maps with Fobs missed.

Best regards,


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