[phenixbb] baton build in coot

Ed Pozharski epozh001 at umaryland.edu
Sun Nov 22 14:14:12 PST 2009

To move an atom, do Rotate/Translate on a residue that contains it - you
can then move individual atoms around while holding Ctrl.

If you don't sort out the main chain question, try coot mailing list.

On Sun, 2009-11-22 at 09:44 -0800, Raja Dey wrote:
> Dear Friends,
>                      How does CA ZONE > MAIN CHAIN under 'other modeling tools' in coot work? I was trying to rebuild main chain atoms for 3 residues(8,9,10) using CA ZONE > MAIN CHAIN. when I click on one atom in residue 8 and then one atom in residue 10, it failed with a message that says the zone is too short. I increased the zone to 5 residues, still same failed message.  Also, is it possible to move an atom in coot?
> Thanking you in advance for your reply.  
> Raja
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