[phenixbb] R-free rules

Bryan W. Lepore Bryan.Lepore at umassmed.edu
Fri Nov 13 12:13:08 PST 2009

[ phenix.refine v1.5 rel. tag 2 intel linux 2.6 ]

if i provide the test set .mtz (flag = "1") in refinement separately from 
the data .mtz, it looks like reflection_file_converter.py does not flag 
the work set as "0", if the work set lacks such a flag -- is that right?

i.e. when providing the test set, it looks like all observed data must be 
in the test set, however the work set has flag "0".

-bryan (some error output below)

Sorry: R-free flags not compatible with F-obs array: missing flag for 
22206 F-obs selected for refinement:

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