[phenixbb] a problem with phenix installation

Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve rwgk at cci.lbl.gov
Mon May 11 15:11:02 PDT 2009

> I downloaded Phenix 1.4  installation package for Intel-Linux-2.6, ran
> install. It took more then 10 min, stalled on some lines. Then I run
> usr/local/phenix-1.4-3/phenix-env.sh.
> No error messages so far. After I'm done with first two steps and try to
> start phenix - it says that "command not found".

Did you
  source /usr/local/phenix-1.4-3/phenix_env.sh

Do you still have the screen output of running the installer?
Could you send it?


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