[phenixbb] scaling

Thomas C. Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Sat Jun 20 07:22:53 PDT 2009


You can use autosol to do scaling of any pair of datasets, so if you just
run the command below N times, once for each reference/to-be-scaled
dataset pair you are interested in, it should do what you want:

phenix.autosol native.data=native.sca deriv.data=deriv.sca
correct_aniso=false skip_xtriage=true res_hyss=100 build=false

this will stop with " HYSS failed...Probably no iso or ano differences.."
because we are not giving HYSS any data.  Then the file:


will have the scaled native and deriv data in mtz format.  For subsequent
runs, the data will be in AutoSol_run_2_ ...etc

I hope that helps!
-Tom T

>>> where ought i look for a phenx utility to scale any number of data sets
>>> to
>>> a reference data set?  something akin to scale.inp in CNS.
>> I don't think we have such a utility, unless there is something in
>> solve (Tom?). -- But you shouldn't need this for any of the phenix
>> applications. All trivial scaling of the scale.inp type is done
>> on-the-fly.
>> Ralf
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