[phenixbb] Parallel Version of Phenix?

Angelo Rossi angelo.raymond.rossi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 08:59:47 PDT 2009

Hello Phenix Users and Developers:

I am new to Phenix and am trying to help a colleague move his project using
Phenix from a single workstation to a Linux cluster.

My background is chemistry and high performance computing, but I am not
intimately knowledgeable about the workings of Phenix.

Are there parts of Phenix that can run on a Linux cluster in parallel.  I
understand that a good part of Phenix is written in python, but there are
certainly numerically intensive aspects of structure refinement that could
be amenable to parallelization.

It would really help if you could provide an overview of those components
that are now running in parallel.

A search on the net did not reveal information about a parallel version of

Thank you for your attention and any possible help.

Kind regards,

A. R. Rossi
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