[phenixbb] new gui on osx (10.5)

Miguel Ortiz Lombardia miguel.ortiz-lombardia at afmb.univ-mrs.fr
Fri Jul 24 07:45:10 PDT 2009

Dear all,

We would like to run the new phenix GUIs from a remote computer. Both  
server and clients are OSX 10.5 (leopard) and they have the same  
versions of software (X11, python, phenix... all them pretty new  
versions) When trying to do so, we invariably get this error:

This program needs access to the screen.
Please run with 'pythonw', not 'python', and only when you are logged
in on the main display of your Mac.

I have searched the internet for similar problems and I found an old  
(one year) unresolved question on the same/similar issue:


In our case, the /usr/local directory is not mounted over the NFS, it  
is local. As in that case, though, changing the LIBTBX_PYEXE_BASENAME  
to pythonw (for example in the phenix.autosol_gui wrapper) did not  
solve the issue. However, it is not clear to me that this variable has  
to be changed in a single place: it is found in many files.

My question is: was this issue solved and I missed that? If not,  
anyone has a clue on how to solve the problem?

Just to make it clear, the GUIs work perfectly locally in the server  
computer, that is, if not exported.

Thanks a lot!

Miguel Ortiz Lombardía
Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques (UMR6098)
CNRS, Universités d'Aix-Marseille I & II
Case 932
163 Avenue de Luminy
13288 Marseille cedex 9
Tel : +33(0) 491 82 55 93
Fax: +33(0) 491 26 67 20
e-mail: miguel.ortiz-lombardia at afmb.univ-mrs.fr
Web: http://www.pangea.org/mol/spip.php?rubrique2

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