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Twinning? What's your matthews coefficient say? Do you know if your  
structure is a multimer (biochemistry, etc)? Does  it agree with the  
matthews coefficient?

If the unit cell is  not big enough to hold all of the contents,then  
this is an indicator for twinning .


On Jul 23, 2009, at 3:09 PM, sbiswas2 at ncsu.edu wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was trying to solve a structure by molecular replacement. I scaled  
> the
> data in P4222 space group (resolution 2.7A) with two molecules in the
> assymmetric unit (molecule A and B) I ran phaser with my model and  
> got a
> Zscore of 5.1. When I look at the map that I got from phaser I could
> easily see good electron density for both molecules, However upon
> inspection of the electron density map there were considerable  
> interaction
> or clashes with molecule B and a symmetry atom. Molecule A had no  
> clashes
> however with the symmetry atoms. I was wondering if anyone knows how  
> to
> resolve this.  Could it be a problem of space group. The statistics  
> are
> good for space group P4222 and the I/sigI was good till 2.7A.
> Any advice is appreciated,
> Shya
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