[phenixbb] can't find phaser_mtz.hand.mtz?

Pei-Chun Lin pclin at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 12 10:19:59 PDT 2009


I am the beginner of crystallography and have a 3.5A map generated by MAD method using phenix GUI. 
I already traced and built 2/3 of my protein.
I wish to use this partial model combined with SAD to generate a new map and see if the new map can help me to deal with the rest of the structure.
Does it sound reasonable to you?

However,  after running AutoSol. I got this error message:

Failed to carry out AutoSol_score_ha_solutions:
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'AutoSol_run_1_/TEMP0/phaser_mtz.hand.mtz'

What should I do now? Can't phenix automatically calculate it? 


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