[phenixbb] refine with experimental phases

Phil Evans pre at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 29 08:06:56 PST 2009


I'm running Phenix
   Version: 1.4
   Release tag: 3

doing a refinement with experimental phase restraints (HL coefficients)

Are the experimental phases now included in the map coefficients? If  
so, with what weight? Are there parameters affecting this?

I'm asking because there is one region of the map where the  
experimental phased density is significantly different from the model  
(perhaps from non-isomorphism of the major derivative), and in the map  
from phenix.refine the electron density follows the model, whereas in  
refmac, which does generate phase-combined map coefficients, the map  
density follows the experimental phases.

(probably I shouldn't be using this non-isomorphous derivative in the  
refinement, but that's a different question)


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