[phenixbb] Deadline for ALS PX beamtime this Thursday, Jan 15.

Peter Zwart PHZwart at lbl.gov
Mon Jan 12 09:32:24 PST 2009

Dear All,

The deadline for general user proposals for PX beamtime at the ALS is
coming up soon (Jan 15)! At the BCSB, we have 5 beamlines for which you can
apply for beamtime. At the Berkeley Center for Structural Biology
(BCSB) we have recently completed a number of upgrades:

Sector 8:  Recent improvements include:

   * A high-accuracy microdiffractometer on BL 8.2.1, allowing for
      centering and viewing of very small crystals
   * Robotic automounters which can increase the screening throughput
     at the beamlines, and allows for the implementation of remote data
   * A new large format (315mm active surface area) CCD detector on
     BL 8.2.1, facilitating data collection on large unit cell crystals

 Sector 5:  Beamlines (5.0.1 and 5.0.3) now generate 1.5x10^11 photons
 per second at 0.97 Angstrom. This wavelength is slightly above the Se
 K edge making them ideal for performing Se SAD experiments. Beamline
 5.0.2 (the tunable beamline) generates a peak flux of 8x10^11 photons
 per second, and the energy range of 5.0.2 has been extended to 17 keV,
 enabling the routine use of shorter wavelengths and anomalously
 scattering elements such as bromine.
 Remote data collection for general users on sector 5 is currently
 being tested for a limited number of users. Please contact beamline
staff for details.

 Please visit http://bcsb.lbl.gov/ for more details about the Center
 and its beamlines.

 If you'd like to apply for next round of beamtime (March-April) at the
 Advanced Light Source, please submit a General User proposal by
Januari 15, 2009.

 To find out more, click on:


 We invite you to submit a proposal at:


If you have any questions or would like to request open beamtime,
please e-mail BCSBBeamtime at lbl.gov.

(Please note that executed user agreements must be received by LBNL
prior to beamtime.  Proprietary fees, if applicable, must be received
by LBNL at least five working days prior to scheduled beamtime.)

P.H. Zwart
Beamline Scientist
Berkeley Center for Structural Biology
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA-94703, USA
Cell: 510 289 9246
BCSB:     http://bcsb.als.lbl.gov
PHENIX: http://www.phenix-online.org
CCTBX:  http://cctbx.sf.net

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