[phenixbb] phenix v1.4-3 and NX

Jesper Lykkegaard Karlsen jelka at bioxray.au.dk
Fri Jan 9 03:52:50 PST 2009


After upgrading our workstations to phenix v1.4-3, the user started 
having problems connecting to the machines through nxclient. The login 
ended up with a black screen on the client and absolutely no error 
messages on neither client nor server.

The problem seemed to come from setting up the global environment for 
phenix (phenix_env.sh). I narrowed the problematic statement down to this:

/if [ "$PHENIX_MTYPE" = "unknown-unknown" ]; then
  exit 1

Although "$PHENIX_MTYPE" = "intel-linux-2.6-x86_64" when logged in, 
somehow the "nx user" gets "$PHENIX_MTYPE" = "unknown-unknown" when it 
logs in, through it's authorization key, to establish the users session.

To make a already to long story short. The problem can be fixed by 
commenting out the problematic statement above.

And one question to the developers:

Could this be avoided in the future?
Perhaps give a warning instead off exiting completly!


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