[phenixbb] P43212 spacegroup change to C2221?

Peter Zwart phzwart at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 11:07:37 PDT 2009

Good point.

For now the best thing to do is to read the RvsR paper cited in the text.
I'll add a section to the manual as well.

Ideally of course, xtriage should make its own judgement. Some code is
there, but I took it out as it is not well-tested (and didn't do the


2009/8/25 Pavel Afonine <PAfonine at lbl.gov>:
> Hi Peter,
> do you have any guidance to how interpret this table summarized
> somewhere in the documentation? Otherwise it looks a bit cryptic to me
> (I tried it while ago, may be it is improved now). Alternatively, it
> would be nice if Xtriage prints out its own verdict based on that table.
> Thanks!
> Pavel.
> On 8/25/09 10:47 AM, Peter Zwart wrote:
>> Subsequently, run
>> phenix.xtriage p1data.mtz reference.structure.file=MR.1.pdb
>> and start interpreting the RvsR tables.
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