[phenixbb] Error in running Autosol....

Thomas C. Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Sat Aug 15 07:51:42 PDT 2009

Hi Karthikeyan,

I'm sorry for the trouble!  I see that you are running the very latest
phenix from last night. This version passed our automated tests and it
appears fine in general.

Somehow the solve scaling step is not working in your run. I haven't seen
this happen before, but my guesses are:

1.  I have been making small changes in the autosol printout and it is
possible that there is a place where solve is printing something out and
the format does not match the variable type, and I didn't catch it in our
tests.  If this is the case you should be able to find it by running from
the command-line and adding the keyword debug=true and it should print out
a clearer error message for you that you can send me.

You can run from the command line in the same place you ran from the GUI
by saying

phenix.autosol autosol.eff debug=True

because the GUI writes out autosol.eff when it runs, saving your inputs. 
Then you can override those values by putting debug=True on the command

Other less-likely possibilities:

2. your input datafiles are of a type that was unexpected (normally .sca,
.mtz are fine, but perhaps the columns in an mtz are unusual).

3. Your structure is very large or high-resolution.

4. Something is unusual in your setup so that not much memory is available.

If none of these helps, you are welcome to send me the files and I'll
check it out.

All the best,
Tom T

>> Dear All,
>> I am using phenix-1.4-138 in RHEL5 Xeon-64 bit workstation.
>> I am trying to solve a structure of Se-Met through phenix.autosol_gui.
>> Once the
>> programs starts it goes to several stages including converting from mtz to
>> sca,
>> xtriage and so on.
>> Finally it gives an error message as follows:
>> ********************************************************************************
>> Failed to carry out AutoSol_scale_and_analyze_mad:
>> None of the solve versions worked
>> See overall log file and also solve log file (in AutoSol_run_2_/LAST.LOG)
>> ********************************************************************************
>> I found the LAST.LOG file is empty.
>> I am trying to find out what could be problem? Any suggestions or help is
>> much
>> appreciated!
>> Thanking you
>> S.Karthikeyan
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