[phenixbb] using GUI

Nathaniel Echols NEchols at lbl.gov
Fri Aug 14 12:50:03 PDT 2009

On Aug 14, 2009, at 12:42 PM, Maia Cherney wrote:
> I am trying to use GUI for the refinement for the first time. Where do
> you give the cif_link_param file for the covalent substrate? I was  
> able
> to give only the ligands.cif file.

First question: which version are you using?

Second question: could you please send me (not the list!) the  
cif_link_param file?  I'm not sure how well it deals with these files  
because I don't have any good test cases, and I've made some major  
changes to the phenix.refine GUI recently.  (I don't need any other  
files for this.)


Nathaniel Echols
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
NEchols at lbl.gov

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