[phenixbb] Refinement of occupancy 0 residues

Jose M Casasnovas jcasasnovas at cnb.csic.es
Mon Aug 3 04:41:26 PDT 2009

   Dear phenix users.

   I have a question regarding use of phenix.refine.  We recently
moved from Refmac to Phenix and found out that residues with
occupancy 0.00 were refined by phenix.refine, whereas those residues
set to q=0 in Coot were not refined in Refmac.  How can we avoid
refinement of those residue in phenix?  During the refinement is
quite convinient to keep residue with q=0, which can be included in
the refinement upon map improvement.

Thanks so much.

   Jose M Casasnovas

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