[phenixbb] fobs-fobs difference electron density maps

Pavel Afonine PAfonine at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 27 19:12:27 PDT 2009

Hi Charlie,

there is no specific tool in PHENIX to do so. However, I remember I 
wrote such script using PHENIX components for someone a while ago...

Here are the options:

- I can just sent you that script, where you will have to put in your 
file names, Fobs labels, etc, and run it as:
phenix.python script.py

- I can add this option to PHENIX, so it will be something like: 
"phenix.fo_minus_fo_map". In this case it will take a day or two before 
it appears in a nightly build and you can download the updated version 
of PHENIX where it will be available.

- You can send me the data and I compute this map for you. I think I 
will add this option to PHENIX anyway.

Once it's available, it would be helpful if you me some feedback, like 
tell if it works as expected, etc.


On 4/27/09 6:15 PM, chandra bose wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering how to make fobs-fobs difference electron density maps 
> with phenix using data sets from two crystals.
> I know cns has a script for this...
> thanks
> Charlie
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