[phenixbb] observed reflection numbers of refinement greater than the experiment

carlbluesky at yahoo.co.jp carlbluesky at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Apr 24 02:58:03 PDT 2009

Hi all,
  I have a problem with  reflection numbers of phenix.refine.
  I did the phenix.refine then i found that the number of observed reflections given for the refinement 75747 (48-2.85A) is greater than the number of observed reflections
for the experiment 40434 (50-2.85A). It shoud be around 40000.
  This is a peak of MAD data about 2.85A. I used the TLS parameters to refine the structure.
  I really don't know why because this is my first time use phenix to do refinement.
  Any advice and suggestion are welcome!

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