[phenixbb] poor phasing

vennila Natesan vennilakn at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 02:31:49 PDT 2009

Dear members,
>  I am using phenix1.4-4 version. In autosol, got the score of 10.24 for one
> iodine soaked data.
> FOM:0.27 and only 54 residues ( that too wrongly) were built out of
> 129.(CC=0.4), R=0.49 and Rfree=0.574.
> Regrading the data quality, Rsym:0.0448, Ranom:0.055, Resln:25.0-2.6A
> Spacegroup is P43212, completeness:99.4%, Multiplicity:11.7, anomalos
> signal is 1.52 at lowest resoln and higher in high resolution shells.
> What might be reason for not  able to solve this structure?
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