[phenixbb] Phenix.refine Rigid Body multi_body_factor

Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve rwgk at cci.lbl.gov
Wed Apr 8 11:20:12 PDT 2009

Hi Mary,

> I was wondering when you would want to change multi_body_factor= 1?  Is this
> something you would change when you have multiple rigid body domains?  From
> the name, that's what I'm guessing it's for.  I'm refining a large over 400
> kD multimer complex with two complexes in the ASU.  So, if I have 5 chains
> in each multimer would I want to try to change the multi_body_factor to 10?
> Or does multi_body_factor affect something else.

Short answer: you would never want to change multi_body_factor.

It was introduced while systematically searching for the best
parameterization of the automatic multiple-zones protocol for rigid
body refinement. I'll go through and change the expert_level for this
and similar parameters, so you won't normally see them in the GUI.


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