[phenixbb] Files generated in Autobuild from simulated annealing runs

Page, Rebecca Rebecca_Page at brown.edu
Mon Oct 6 14:42:41 PDT 2008

Dear Phenix users:

I am newcomer to phenix and have a rookie question about the generated
files using the phenix.autobuild command. I generated an sa-omit map of
my model, omitting the coordinates for a bound ligand (ligand is residue

phenix.autobuild data=mydata.mtz model=mymodel.pdb
omit_box_pdb=mymodel.pdb omit_res_start_list=500 omit_res_end_list=500
omit_chain_list=A composite_omit_type=sa_omit

The output omit map (resolve_composite_map.mtz) looks great.

My question is:
What, exactly, is the "overall_best_denmod_map_coeff.mtz" in this case
and how is it related, if at all, to the "resolve_composite_map.mtz"?

Thanks in advance,

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