[phenixbb] PHENIX on OS X Intel 10.5 "need access to screen" error

Ben Eisenbraun bene at crystal.harvard.edu
Mon Jun 30 15:26:51 PDT 2008


I have PHENIX 1.3-rc2 built on an OS X Intel 10.4 machine.  It runs fine
there, but using the same installation mounted via NFS, I get this

This program needs access to the screen.
Please run with 'pythonw', not 'python', and only when you are logged
in on the main display of your Mac.

I dug around in the program a bit to see if there was a script testing
for the DISPLAY setting, but this seems to be generated in the wx-python 


contains the error message, as do a couple of other files in the /wx/ 

The PHENIX 1.3-rc2 I built on OS X 10.4 PPC works fine on the 10.5 PPC
machines, so I'm a bit surprised it's failing on the Intel side.

Does anyone know if a PHENIX built on 10.5 will work on a 10.4 machine?
If it was really necessary, I could install versions built on both 10.4 
and 10.5, but I'd prefer to avoid it if possible.

Any insight on fixing this would be much appreciated.



Ben Eisenbraun
Structural Biology Grid                           Harvard Medical School
http://sbgrid.org                                 http://hms.harvard.edu

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