[phenixbb] Problem running phenix.autobuild version 1.3-rc2

Terry Lang terry at lego.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 23 16:34:22 PDT 2008

Hey Everyone,

       We just upgraded to the newest version of PHENIX and are now 
having some problems running autobuild.  The command we are running is:

phenix.autobuild data=061908.mtz seq_file=mydata.dat
model=062308polyser.pdb sg=p212121

When we run this command file with version 1.3b-rc6, the calculation 
runs to completion.  However, when we run version 1.3-rc2, we get the 
following error message:

Failed to carry out AutoBuild_build_cycle:

child process stderr output:
 command: 'csh 
 Word too long.

We have also tried running from the top-level directory to make the path 
name shorter, but still get the same error.  Has anyone else experienced 
a similar problem?  If so, what is the best way to address it?  Please 
let me know if you need additional information.


P. Therese Lang
Postdoctoral Scholar
Alber Lab, UC Berkeley

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