[phenixbb] Switching refinement to higher resolution

Francis E Reyes Francis.Reyes at Colorado.EDU
Wed Jun 18 12:05:52 PDT 2008

Hello all,

I was previously refining a structures used phased (mlhl) refinement  
at 3.4. My dataset has a resolution range up to 2.5. The I/sig is  
still good at 3.0A. I tried changing the resolution cut off in the  
refinement .def file refinement.xray_data.high_resolution to 3.0, but  
I now get the error: Sorry: R-free flags not compatible with F-obs  
array: missing flag for 1 F-obs selected for refinement.

Any advice?


Francis Reyes M.Sc.
215 UCB
University of Colorado at Boulder

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