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hosur at barc.gov.in hosur at barc.gov.in
Mon Jun 16 23:07:53 PDT 2008

Hi PHENIX developers,
I am forwarding herewith my correspondence with Dr. Pavel Afonine regarding a
reinement issue in PHENIX.
I would appreciate if other developers can help me with the solution before
Pavel comes back on June 25th. Thanks.
The requirement is to be able to refine a model in which a piece of electron
density is interpreted as partial occupancy protein residue and a set of water
Hosur M.V.

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Hi Hosur,

I'm out of town and not regular at email, so the delay with the answer,, 
sorry for this. Actually, it is the best to address your questions to 
phenixbb (http://www.phenix-online.org/mailman/listinfo/phenixbb) so all 
the PHENIX developers get it and you don't hang up with the delay if a 
particular person is temporarily absent. I will be back in office on 
June 25.

Regarding your question:

> In my case, the set of 4 water molecules has to have the same occupancy, and
> this occupancy with the occupancy of a side chain must make up unity. That is
> the sum of two occupancies must be unity.

This particular feature is currently not available in phenix.refine. I 
will add this option once I'm back in office.

> If I understand correctly, if i identify each of the four water molecules by a
> different altloc label, then the sum of 5 occupancies will be adjusted to one,
> with the possibility of each water occupancy converging to different value.

Yes, this is expected behavior.

> Further, the final occupancy would be close to 0.25 of the required value. The
> complication, in my opinion, is because the set of four water molecules is not
> like set of atoms that make one residue which can be assigned a single altloc
> label. I hope I have been able to convey what I mean. Let me have the suitable
> PDB, which I can try out.

Yes, this is very clear for me and like I said above I will add this 
feature to PHENIX as soon as I get back to office.

All the best,

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