[phenixbb] OS X source install relocatable?

Ben Eisenbraun bene at crystal.harvard.edu
Thu Jun 5 15:07:07 PDT 2008


I'm doing an install from source on Mac OS X from the latest Phenix
source packages.  We install everything on an NFS mount so we can share
it out to the workstations, so it's a little different than most OS X
installs I suspect.

Anyway, the installer was failing like this:

(from the top level source directory)

./install --prefix=/programs/i386-mac/phenix/1.3-rc2

Which was getting me:

configuring python
compiling python
No match.
installation of python failed
problem building main python library

Looking at bin/install-from-source, it was failing on line 482:
set py_lib = `$PHENIX_TAR/bin/check_lib $PHENIX_BUILD/base/Python.Framework/Versions/Current/lib/python*/config python`

The reason for the failure is that the python framework installs with a
lower case 'f':


On a default HFS+ volume, which is case insensitive, this works just 
fine, but it fails when you try to install on a case-sensitive volume.

Editing bin/install-from-source and :%s/Python.Framework/Python.framework/g
seems to have fixed the build problem.


Ben Eisenbraun
Structural Biology Grid                           Harvard Medical School
http://sbgrid.org                                 http://hms.harvard.edu

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