[phenixbb] optional bits of the CCI Apps installion?

Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve rwgk at cci.lbl.gov
Tue Jun 3 14:07:08 PDT 2008

> When I install CCI Apps, I end up with a directory that looks like this:
>  $ ls -1
> 1NSF.pdb
> cci_apps_build
> cci_apps_fedora3_py251.selfx
> cci_apps_install_script.csh
> cci_apps_sources
> nsf_d2_peak.sca
> test_apps
> Which of the bits are optional and can be deleted without affecting the 
> installation?
> It seems like the selfx install file is fine to delete.

Yes, it can go.

> How about the
> sources directory?
>  $ du -k --max-depth=1
> 62584   ./cci_apps_sources
> 125840  ./cci_apps_build
> 225012  .
> If the sources directory is not needed, that would save me about 30% of
> the disk use for the installation, and since I have 2-3 concurrent
> versions installed, and those versions get pushed around to ~75 machines
> across the network, every bit I can trim helps.

You definitely need the sources, that's where all the Python scripts
live. The C/C++ sources are stripped out already.
You can safe about 15MB like this:
  cd cci_apps_build/lib
  strip *.so
The biggest chunk in the source directory of the current release
(yours seems to be older) is the chemical_components library, with
about 87Mb. However, only a few individual files will typically go
over the network.

> As a side note, I think it might be clearer to refer to the "Opteron"
> builds of the CCI Apps as AMD64 or x86_64.  I didn't see anything on the 
> download page that makes this explicit.

Yes, you are right. The naming is historical. If I get a chance I'll
change the name to x86_64 for future releases.


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