[phenixbb] autobuild failed

Thomas C. Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Wed Jul 23 20:07:51 PDT 2008

Dear Kaituo,

I'm sorry for the problem!

I'm not certain what went wrong in this case.  It could be that the size
of the structure is too big, or it could be a problem with autobuild, or
it could be a problem with slow read/write to your file system.  The error
message "Unable to read ok_file...trying bigger version" will occur if
resolve does not finish writing out the file "resolve.ok" immediately
after finishing.

If you are running on a system that is NFS-mounted, you might try instead
running on the local disk. This might fix it.

Otherwise, can you help me figure this out by eliminating other

1.  Can you tell me the version of phenix you are using and what machine
this is on:

uname -a

2. Can you send me the entire log file AutoBuild_run_1_1.log

3. Can you send me the file


4. If you are willing to send your data, that would be helpful: just tar
up your data files and command file and then attach it to an email (but
rename the file ".txt" so that it will get sent properly through my email
system). Then I can try to reproduce the problem here.

All the best,
Tom T

> My autobuild failed and the log file said:
> Columns used:  labin FP=F SIGFP=SIGF FreeR_flag=FreeR_flag
> Unable to read ok_file...trying bigger version
> Failed to run resolve
> ----------------------------------
> TRIED resolve ...but not OK
> ********************************************************************************Failed
> to carry out AutoBuild_set_up_build:
> failure
> how t solve this?
> thanks
> kaituo
> peking University, Beijing
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