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I am just compiling the latest cci_apps package for the IRIX platform. I know this is unsupported, but since the package is very self-contained, I would not expect major problems with the command-line packages (who needs a gui, anyway ;))
I'm just running into two issues with the boost package which are obviously a matter of syntax:

  Function function "boost::python::api::object_base::~object_base" is
          redeclared "inline" after being called.

  inline api::object_base::~object_base()

  Declaration is incompatible with function template "boost::basic_format<Ch,
          Tr, Alloc> &boost::io::detail::feed(boost::basic_format<Ch, Tr,
          Alloc> &, T)" (declared at line 52 of

          io::detail::feed (basic_format<Ch2, Tr2, Alloc2>&, T);

I have attached the complete output for your reference. Maybe these problems can be corrected easily. In fact, all this may be a matter of the mipspro compilers being more strict about syntax than gcc.
But how to tell the install script to use gcc??? There doesn't seem to be a standard way to provide general compilation options... Just renaming the cc binaries makes the python configure script to switch to gcc without complaints, but other packages (scons if I remember correctly) still explicitly check for mipspro ?!
Any ideas how to resolve this?


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