[phenixbb] Crystallographic Postdoctoral Research Position - Berkeley, USA

Paul Adams PDAdams at lbl.gov
Tue Apr 1 23:03:18 PDT 2008

A postdoctoral research position is available immediately to work on  
challenging problems in structural biology:

Postdoctoral Researcher
Job ID: 21615
Division: Physical Biosciences
Date Opened: 3/28/2008

This postdoctoral position will study the structure and function of  
macromolecular complexes and enzymes using X-ray crystallographic  
methods. This position will be joint between the Center for Protein  
Folding Machinery (proteinfoldingcenter.org) and the Joint BioEnergy  
Institute (www.jbei.org). The biological systems to be studied will  
include: Type-II chaperonins responsible for the refolding of unfolded  
proteins in archeal and mammalian cells, Glycosyl transferases  
responsible for the synthesis of hemicellulose in plants, and Novel  
glycosyl hydrolases that are able to breakdown cellulosic material for  
biofuels production. The candidate will have experience with using  
crystallographic methods to study macromolecules; robotic hardware for  
performing crystallization trials and imaging trays are available.  
Crystals will be characterized and data collected using the beamline  
resources of the Berkeley Center for Structural Biology at the  
Advanced Light Source.

Essential: Primary duties and responsibilities will include using  
robotic hardware to perform screens for crystallization conditions.  
Optimization of crystallization conditions. Biophysical  
characterization of protein samples using standard techniques, such as  
dynamic light scattering. Characterization of crystals using the  
Berkeley Center for Structural Biology beamlines at the Advanced Light  
Source. Collection and analysis of diffraction data, model building  
and structure refinement. Extensive email and verbal interaction with  
other researchers. Marginal: Use of small angle X-ray scattering  
methods to analyze macromolecular complexes in solution.

Essential: Ph.D. or equivalent in a scientific discipline, preferably  
structural biology, biology, or chemistry. Demonstrated experience of  
scientific research using crystallographic methods. Experience with  
crystallization methods. Solid interpersonal skills and the ability to  
work in a team environment are critical. Ability to communicate with a  
broad range of researchers. Marginal: Experience with the use of small  
angle scattering methods. Familiarity with robotic hardware for  
crystal growth.

NOTE: This is a one year Term appointment with the possibility of  
renewal under the same terms and conditions, contingent upon continued  
funding and availability of work.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is a world leader in science and  
engineering research, with 11 Nobel Prize recipients over the past 75  
years, and 59 present members of the National Academy of Sciences.  
LBNL conducts unclassified research across a wide range of scientific  
disciplines and hosts four national user facilities. AA/ EEO employer  
committed to the development of a safe and diverse workforce. Learn  
more at http://www.lbl.gov.

For more information about the Center for Protein Folding Machinery  
visit: http://proteinfoldingcenter.org/ and the Joint BioEnergy  
Institute visit: http://www.jbei.org/. For more information about the  
Berkeley Center for Structural Biology visit: http://bcsb.lbl.gov/

To apply: visit http://cjo.lbl.gov/ and search for the job number  
21615. Please see http://cjo.lbl.gov/app_instr.html for details of how  
to apply.

Paul Adams
Deputy Division Director, Physical Biosciences Division, Lawrence  
Berkeley Lab
Adjunct Professor, Department of Bioengineering, U.C. Berkeley
Vice President for Technology, the Joint BioEnergy Institute
Head, Berkeley Center for Structural Biology

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