[phenixbb] lower limits on grid spacing/binning

Terry Lang terry at lego.berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 29 18:29:13 PDT 2007

Hey Everyone,

       I have been told by several crystallographers that the general 
rule of thumb for grid spacing when generating a map  is one third the 
resolution (eg If your crystal structure has a resolution of 1.2 A, your 
grid spacing should be 0.4).  Is there a mathematical reason why this 
ratio should be maintained or is this simply a holdover from slower 
computers with lower memory?  More importantly for my application, is 
there a lower limit on how fine the grid spacing can be?  In other 
words, is there a lower limit at which one is oversampling the data for 
a particular resolution?  Any information and/or references would be 
greatly appreciated.


P. Therese Lang
Post Doc
Alber Lab, UC Berkeley

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