[phenixbb] autobuild 'hires_file'

Bryan W. Lepore bryanlepore at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Nov 6 13:54:54 PST 2007

i have phenix 2007_08_18_1856, (and i think latest cci apps).

i have a jumble of questions, i'll try step by step:

[1 A] in phenix.autobuild, e.g. a SAD dataset, does the flag 
'hires_file=w1.sca' (help says "Merge in hires data"), mean that phases 
will be extended to a high resolution limit as found in w1.sca?  (vide 

[1 B] can the labels be the same as the 'other' data (the documentation 
suggests this)?

i have tried a few things like :

phenix.autobuild data=resolve.mtz hires_file=high_resolution.mtz 
input_hires_labels='FPnat SIGFPnat' seq_file=seq.txt

... and i see

Cell: [99.810997009277344, 99.810997009277344, 140.37300109863281, 90.0, 
90.0, 90.0]
New resolution:  2.20520367253
High-res file input labels: ['FPnat', 'SIGFPnat']

... which is good, but the job promptly fails with this cryptic (to me) 
error message:

Failed to carry out AutoBuild_datafile_info_inputs:

... (google:all_input_hires_labels and looking through docs quick didn't 
find it)


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