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Petrus H Zwart PHZwart at lbl.gov
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Hi Jianghai,
Interesting, I though that by default an ML target is used. Something must have happened somewhere.
Check the parameter file and look for the section on bulk solvent scaling ( refinement.bulk_solvent_and_scale ). A target function can be defined, you have the choice between ml and ls_wunit_k1, ml is (I think) selected by default.
There is also a switch present that triggers the refinement of bulk solvent parameters using a least squares target if the r value is larger than a certain value:
ls_bulk_solvent_and_scale_if_r_greater_then = 0.99
Changing the parameter you propose changes the least squares target type if the main target selected is ls and has (as far as I understand) no influence on bulk solvent scaling. If you want, you can send a log file for a closer look.

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> Hi, 
> I happen to notice that the target function of "Bulk solvent  
> correction and scaling" in a phenix.refine run is ls_wunit_k1.  
> Does  
> that mean LS function for bulk solvent correction and scaling is 
> the  > default in phenix.refine?  If I uncheck ls_wunit_k1 in  
> refinement.ls_target_names in my parameter file, will 
> phenix.refine  
> use the ML function or something bad will happen? 

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