[phenixbb] 'Tasks' tab missing from 1.3b GUI and HL coefficients from a model

Stephen Graham stepheng at strubi.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jun 21 03:21:33 PDT 2007

Hi Peter,

> I think that the missing 'task' tab is a feature. Look under 'projects'
> -> 'preferences' to have the task window displayed.

Thanks for that.  Yes, now I can see my 'Tasks' tab (perhaps the
tutorial at http://www.phenix-online.org/download/documentation/phenix/prerelease/introduction/i00.html
could be updated to reflect the fact that 'Tasks' are hidden by

Unfortunately, however, I was still unable to work out how I can use
phenix to generate phases and FOMs from a PDB model (from simulated
annealing in phenix.refine) for use in the prime-and-switch strategy.
The map_coeffs.mtz from phenix.refine does not seem to have all of the
requisite columns...  Is there a 'phenix' way to do this, or should I
just use SFALL?

Also, while we are talking about map_coeffs.mtz, is there a
command-line flag to turn off the automatic map generation by
phenix.refine?  I use coot to generate my maps from map_coeffs.mtz on
the fly, so I would prefer not to have phenix.refine make maps for me.

And one last question, just for fun.  Can phenix.refine handle 'hard'
(constrained, strict) NCS?  I am working at low res with 4 molecules
per ASU and would prefer to just have one chain modelled plus an NCS
matrix to generate the other chains.  However, all the documentation I
have read leads me to believe that only 'soft' (restrained) NCS is
possible at the moment.  Is this the case?

Thanks again,


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