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Noinaj noinaj at uky.edu
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Quick question.  I am trying to refine occupancy of a ligand and was attempting to do this using the method outlined under the CCI Apps documentation for phenix.refine.  

a.. Refinement of one occupancy factor per selected group of atoms (group occupancy refinement):

% phenix.refine data.hkl model.pdb strategy=group_occupancies \
  refine.occupancies.group="chain A and resid 1"Yet, when I type the commands, I keep getting an error saying that something is wrong with my commands: strategy, group, etc.  I have not (at least I don't recall) loading the updated CCI Apps and only have what was installed with Phenix 1.24b installation.  

Am I doing something wrong here or do I need to update the CCI Apps?

Thanks in advance for all feedback!



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