[phenixbb] mmtbx.twin_map_utils utility

Jorge Iulek iulek at interponta.com.br
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    This must be a naive question, but following  Dr. Zwart's previous post 
and as I found in the web 
(http://www.phenix-online.org/phenix_wiki/mmtbx.twin_map_utils)  this should 
be a utility to calculate a detwinned map. I just installed phenix and 
everything seemed to be fine during installation. But, where is this utility 
? I cannot find it.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hi Brian,

There are map utilities for twinned data indeed.
mmtbx.twin_map_utils carries out refinement of the overall, anisotropic 
scale, bulk solvent parameters and twin fraction. It spits out the maps 
Unfortunately, refniement against twinned data is not yet fully implemented 
in phenix.refine but we are working on that.



> i see there are map utilities for twinned data.
> but before i go try refinement of a twin - will phenix.refine refine
> against twinned data?
> if so, is alpha determined each time, thus, alpha is not specified
> in the
> .def?
> -bryan
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