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Hi Ralf,

Thanks for both of your replies.

The case with the UNK atoms is that I have an 18 a.a. break for a loop
that runs from south to north up the back side of my protein.  About
midway there is density that clearly is not water (I have a 3 proline
stretch and I would guess that it is one of them) so I wanted to model
atoms into the density.  So in that case I would expect the UNK atoms to
behave as if they were C, N, or O.  

This is the first time I've had to deal with a synthetic ligand in a
structure so I generated the .cif file using REFMAC.  According to
Pavel's response about the UNK atoms I'll need to use elbow.builder to
generate a library file that phenix.refine can use so I guess I'll just
wait and see if elbow's .cif file "fixes" the problem with the ligand as
well.  If not, then I'll follow with your suggestion about editing the
.cif file for that torsion restraint.

I appreciate the help,


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Hi Jeff, how do you generate the restraints for the ligand?
Could it be that the restraints dictate to co-planarity?
In that case, could you try manually removing the unwanted
dihedral restraint from the .cif file?
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