[phenixbb] conversion from h3 to r3 with phenix apps

Green, Todd green at cbse.uab.edu
Fri Aug 10 14:29:10 PDT 2007

Hello all,

I have what i believe to be a rhombohedral crystal that has an insanely large cell with the hexagonal setting:

533.026   533.026   652.887    90.000    90.000   120.000

and a modestly large cell comparatively with the rhombohedral setting:

377 377 377 90 90 90

I should be able to easily reindex to the smaller cell in scalepack but for some reason i'm not getting it to work correctly. Rather than struggle further on a friday afternoon, i figured that i'd give a phenix app a try. i assume xtriage can do this, can someone point me in the correct direction?

thanks in advance-
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