[phenixbb] Problem on Running Phenix

崔中利 czl at njau.edu.cn
Thu Jul 6 17:52:27 PDT 2006

Dear All,
I have just installed phenix 1.24.1b and tested my data on this version of Phenix. I tried Autosol. There should be 4 windows to finish the parameter setup according to the documents. But I met a problem after setting the pathway of file of protein sequence (2nd window).  The window didn't change to green after I set the pathway and pressed Continue. But from the CPU indicator I knew it was running (100% CPU occupation). And from the log file, I found the program set the resolution automaticlly (3rd window). But after serveral hours' running, I get nothing. What's more, the running sequence was a bit different to the online document of Phenix. The setup window (1st window) appeared first, then the Autosol program window.
I don't know what wrong happened to my running, problem of software or my computer.
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