[phenixbb] phase extension through phenix

Tom Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Fri Aug 11 09:29:53 PDT 2006

Hi Pramod,

>I have one more question. Is any way in phenix GUI through which i can do
>phasing to lowere resolution, further phase extension to higher
>resolution? Becouse, my  SAD data with single SeMet in whole protein of
>3.5 Ang which have somewhat better phases and FOM at 5.0 ang resolution
>than 3.5 Ang resolution. Is it possible through phenix?
>If anybody have any one can help me?

In the version you have, unfortunately the AutoSol keywords res_phase and 
resolution do almost the same thing, so you cannot do what you are asking 
for.  This is fixed for the next version.  An update patch will be 
available shortly to do it as well.  I'm sorry for the problem!

-Tom T

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